Jerald Newman

From here to eternity..2012

In news, politics on November 19, 2011 at 3:51 am

There is a guy, Who is not a guy, who is not a woman and maybe, he  is not a human, who speaks a lot, eats a lot and wants everything around…

Just like US government, invades Afghanistan and Iraq, he goes for a peanut butter and sausage.

What is his name, his surname or nationality? He is an unidentified living object, subject or even adverb…

If we take him on the roof top of a tall building, he will jump – definitely will do, Cause he believes in Cant and the idea of the universal values, he believes that happiness of millions is more important than  his dead body, maybe his bloody corpse is not  a very interesting thing to see but  bench of idiots will gather around him to discuss if  he was lesbian or gay, paranoid  or alcoholic, melancholic or pessimist, leftist or rightist, dentist or psychiatrist,  finally ambulance will take him in the morgue and still the same, doctors and nurses will start to investigate things about him, one on them will write in the report that:

“There is a guy, Who is not a guy, who is not a woman and maybe, he  is not a human, who used to speak a lot , eat a lot and wanted everything around him…he has five sausages in his stomach and fragments of the American peanut butter in the rectum. He is a former US military officer, he was in Afghanistan and Iraq,  but his insurance can’t cover funeral taxes. We hope that his spirit will rest in peace.”

Don’t worry  2012 will come soon.

  1. Good job! Life is full of controversy as that guy, so maybe that guy is just life itself, who knows.

  2. that guy is an Icon of the modernity, tensed life with no clear definitions about things and ideas, mixed values and different experiences, starting from the war continuing with routine of the daily life. This is a case when it becomes difficult to have a line between good and bad (like suicide). what is more important modern human became a matter of discussion even for strangers (facebook), And finally, apocalyptic melancholy is like a soundtrack for all above mentioned things.

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