Jerald Newman

Dead Chicken Theory in the IR

In international relations, politics, Uncategorized on November 21, 2011 at 12:51 am


 General Action Scheme – How can I get my chicken?

1I am hungry and I want to eat a chicken

“Hunger” and “Chicken” are linked with my action, but this action is not just “eating,” it is “an action for the action,” I kill chicken to eat, that’s a double action (killing is an action + eating that is also an action), my Idea is not to kill the chicken (if I am not a chicken killer), motive of this action is in my “hungriness”  and the goal is to reach the chicken to have a good dinner.

So, planned action and goal often exist independently (killing of the chicken is not my goal – though it is finished action). Instead of killing that poor chicken i could go and buy one, that means somebody else had already killed chicken for me, but he/she did it also with different motivation, his actions will earn him money to live.

Actually there is nothing pleasant in killing animals, if that “killer guy” could win a million USD in lottery there is 90% chance that he had quieted that chicken-slaughter forever.

If I open the refrigerator and I found a piece of chicken I won’t even think to go to buy or kill a village hen.

As for conclusion I’d like to say that every kind of action could be compensated by the other actions if the motives and goals are the same for each.

Other parts of the “Dead Chicken Theory” will prove that it really works in the modern IR system, i will have some case studies and theoretical discussions about behavioral interdependence and  action patterns  that create fixed motif environments.


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