Jerald Newman

5.00 Stranger in Ruse

In news, politics, Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 2:25 am

Maybe i should turn off this lamp cause you are sleeping, i ll do it later i have to read something from Mr. Petkov’s course materials to pass my exam.

Really strange thing happens here in Ruse, every day at 5.00 in the morning a guy calls me, he speaks English but i don’t understand anything, he speaks with quit confident voice nearly for two minutes and finishes with regretful declining sounds that can be pronounced from the depth of  the throat.

Today i went in bath it was 3.00 night,  the door of the bathroom and the entrance door are very close to each other, i was just opening the bathroom door when i hear a heavy breath behind the entrance, i came closer and noticed that somebody is trying to open the door, i took the keys from the shelf   to find out who was outside, when i returned to the door i saw a piece of paper with 2 words on it “double standards.” I took the paper and went back in bed waiting to his call, traditionally he called at 5.00, but now i was able to hear – “that was me,”  who are you mother*er – i asked in not very polite way, “we have double standards in this ape dorm, do we?”   – he asked back and cancelled the call.

Now i am sitting on my bad and drinking “Zagorka,”  i usually don’t drink beer but it is good now, maybe i can help me to sleep.

Promised winter with snow and wind came into town, so, tomorrow i have to buy bigger shoes and a memory stick cause i accidentally bite old one.

After the above mentioned important shopping i will try to figure out who can be the “5.00 o’clock stranger” and what does that “double standard” shit mean.

Now i will turn off the lamp, i know that you want to sleep.



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