Jerald Newman

Interview with deviant

In politics, Uncategorized on January 28, 2012 at 3:07 am

-what is your favorite food?

-Cheese of course, but different type of cheese, like on pizza, melted cheese, yes melted.

-what is your favorite music?

-k’mon i don’t like that kind of questions, it is like ordinary,  everybody asks that question,

-Answer me its important,

-Not any specific type,

-very strange music…

-I don’t know, if it is strange, i think its normal, weird, freak, but still normal.

-Not ordinary?

-Of course ordinary,

-Do you feel that you are normal?

-Of course i am normal,

-Do you think that people understand you,


-So, what does it mean that you are normal?

-That i am normal,

-You are normal but people don’t understand you, that means that they are not normal?

-Of course they are not normal.

-Who creates norms?

-Of course society,

-So, its is up to people to decide whether you are normal or not, right?

-Of course, but if somebody tell you that you are deviant, than another will say it again and again and again and finally, you really becoming deviant.

-You are now talking about theories that everybody knows, but what do you really think?

-I just think that society needs deviants, because if they see that one is deviant they feel themselves as normal.


-Do you want to sleep?

-me? i don’t want to but you really need to sleep now.

-I’d better think about deviants and society…


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