Jerald Newman

Are these highly appreciated politicians better than Breivik?

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2012 at 11:33 am


“The number of Muslims living in Switzerland is estimated to be higher than 400,000. It is rapidly increasing because of immigration, family reunion, forced marriages and high birth rates. Only a minority of them supports the radical ideology of Islamists. However, Muslim immigrants are often coming from countries that are not familiar with democracy. They bring with them concepts on law and order which are incompatible with our judicial system.”
Programme of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) 2011

“Europe will no longer be Europe, it will turn into an Islamic republic. We are at a turning point, and if we don’t protect our civilization it will disappear. Yes, I’m attached to the nation. I want to preserve our cultural and historic identity.”
Marine Le Pen, National Front, France

“Islam is the biggest threat, threatening our country and the entire free Western world. We have too much mass immigration from Muslim countries and too many hate palaces – Cohen [referring to the leader of the social democrats] labels these as Mosques, I believe – and immigrants are still over-represented in crime statistics. Enough is enough.”
Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom (PVV), the Netherlands

“The Islamic immigration, massive in Catalonia, threatens our European identity heritage (respect for personal and collective freedom, democracy as a mean to take decisions, Greco-Latin culture, Christian religion, languages of Catalonia or popular traditions).” Programme of the Platform for Catalonia (PxC), Catalonia (Spain)

“The pseudo-prayers in Milan and in front of the Colosseum are nothing to do with religion – they are threatening and intimidatory acts towards the Italian people. Those who take part should be identified by the police and possibly expelled from our country. People must not use prayer as a political weapon.”
Maurizio Gasparri, People of Freedom (PDL), Italy


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