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Constitution Of Georgia

Adopted By The Constituent Assembliy

February 21, 1921

Chapter I

General Basis

Article 1

Georgia shall be a free, independent, and indivisible State. The permanent and unchangeable form of its political constitution shall be the democratic Republic.

Article 2

The capital of Georgia shall be Tiflis.

Article 3

The official language of Georgia shall be the Georgian language.

Article 4

The flag of Georgian Republic shall be of cherry colour (dyed dogberry) with one black and one white stripe. The seal of the Georgian Republic shall be the effigy of Georges-Le-Blanc mounted on a horse, surmounted by seven astres.

Article 5

The laws and decrees shall only enter into force after they have been published in the regular manner.

Article 6

The territory of the state may neither be ceded, divided, nor sold. The enlargement of the territory or the rectification of the frontiers which may be contested is only possible by virtue of  low.

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