Jerald Newman

That of Human Being

In love, Uncategorized on December 14, 2012 at 7:30 pm


  • When mistakes are unavoidable  and they can harm others, better to die, than make other people suffer….
  • I just realized how important is every single person, especially people who appreciate you…..
  • Difficult to find one, easy to lose….
  • Life threatens us all, what we have do is to keep going against the torrent….
  • Some people are unable to do that, they betray those who are waiting in the stream…. 
  • You can’t cross the same river twice ” – I know it
  •  I know many things, but only thing that i need is to know is how to  wear other people’s shoes…
  • Acknowledging the mistakes is a first step…. More difficult than apologizing, terrible to make yourself believe that you need to do it….
  • Listening Does not mean understanding, understanding does nor mean forgiving…
  • Even if one cannot forgive confession is a holy thing to do…. 

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