Jerald Newman

December 21, the Apocalypses

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Waiting for a doomsday is an interesting thing to do…

I was always curious about it…

As a child reading revelations i was afraid, sometimes asking question to Mr. John: “why did you write it?” – i guess that text was a part of the discourse of fear by that time…

As an adult i was just going to forget about my fearful experience with that green book (cover was green,i don’t give a shit about pollution) and suddenly that god damned calendar appeared….  


Modern apocalyptic story  seemed to be much more dangerous, than it was in the first century, john’s special effects are good, but still that’s an old school.   New one was in the cinema…. I paid 5 dollars to see the way i am gonna die… Roland Emmerich guy did a lot to be  more clear in revelations than famous revelator himself.. I well remember on my way home i was thinking mainly about two things, about vanity of life and social injustice…  We all grow up to die – that’s true, but some people even in the movie are able to die another day, only because they are rich... So the doomsday seemed to be closer… Neo-liberal capitalist world order is already strong enough to build an ark (I really hope, that Noah was not from the family of Rockefeller).


This movie was/is not an only source that created a public image of what is to be happen in 2012, December 21; documentaries, historians, astrologists, news broadcasters, talk shows, everyone was/is just talking about it.. And even if many people argue that that’s a bullshit and 2013 will be as sunny as 2011, still there were/are others, who claim the opposite…. We are all humans…. If Americans believe that there is a clear danger of Terrorist attack, though statistically person has 1/900000 chance to be a victim of Terrorism, why can’t we think that we will die in December?  even if only  person on the earth says that that is a day of apocalypse, prediction has right to exist. And ‘we the people’  (i know) are really troubled about it….

Now lets look to this ‘event’ from the moralistic-philosophical point of view…

Lets imagine that we definitely know that the day of December will be the last day of the human existence,  what would we do?

Believers, would probably pray more to go in heaven…

Bad Atheists, would just do as much ‘not allowed’ things as they can…Good atheists will sleep more with their wives/husbands…

Banks will be closed, “there will be gold in the street but nobody will take” (that is from the frightening old school)

you can have your own points about the different patterns of the last day behavior….

Back to apocalypse… 

we see the fear all around us… everything can threaten our vulnerable society, starting from the McDonald’s food finishing with the  ‘dirty nuclear bombs,’  but we really cannot say why are we afraid of these things… As Frank Furedi writes in his book “Culture of Fear”  – modern fear is not based on one’s experience as it was before, people just see threats through the media, feel and domesticize them, “once feeling (fear), became a value now”  – fear is a indivisible value of the modernity…  So, we should not be surprised that advertising of the doomsday can make people afraid of it.


As for a conclusion, i just want to say that, every person sooner or later will have own apocalypses (maybe the judgement day), so no time for worries now, if we all die together, it would probably be better…  you know loneliness sucks.


by the way we can make an event on facebook, for example: Jerald Newman invited John Smith and other people to the event “apocalypses with friends and the live band”


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