Jerald Newman

awkwardness of love

In Uncategorized on December 25, 2012 at 7:26 pm

755that is an awkward moment when you realize that the word “love” does not have universal meaning for every living being…
For person like me, that is a feeling which does not deepens with words, i do think that love is a process, that needs a daily renewal, reinvention and reconstruction. It is based on loyalty and aims to achieve full comfort for mutual coexistence.

Some people pay too much attention on words and expressions, they forget that most of promises are pleasent to hear but empty in meaning and  are created due to the emotional boost during the particular moment of comunication..  These moments of fake dream making usually come befor or after sex… Of course i don’t want to say that people who give false promises are liers, usually their action is unconscious, i can even argue that their intentions are very much honest, a problem is that in such cases lovers don’t feel the difference between the dream and reality… This is a typical problem with men. Every male has kinda heroic inner needs… and in reality these needs are difficult to satisfy… in the ancient mythology heroes used to go in war for women, they stood against gods, fighting dragons and monsters… Today man can only promise….

dear women don’t ask for promises..
dear men better to act than speak….thats true especially indabed:)


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