Jerald Newman


In poetry on October 29, 2014 at 11:37 pm

My Monkey  has died,

His death has nothing to do with the Dog which dies in Neruda’s poem,

Neither has  anything common with Robert Plant’s dead monkey

(unless they both were chimpanzees),

My monkey was only mine,

I invented him,

I fed him with bananas and mushrooms,

I loved him as father loves the only son.

I remember him actually saying:

“We will always be together,”

nevertheless –

I honestly believed that he would attend my funeral in black suit…

Now, when he has passed away

I don’t need to think about him going to heaven or to hell,

I just know we will change each other in time,

tomorrow i will be his monkey

and he will be my  master.

My Monkey  has died,

And nothingness has made the eternity real. 


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