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That of Human Being

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  • When mistakes are unavoidable  and they can harm others, better to die, than make other people suffer….
  • I just realized how important is every single person, especially people who appreciate you…..
  • Difficult to find one, easy to lose….
  • Life threatens us all, what we have do is to keep going against the torrent….
  • Some people are unable to do that, they betray those who are waiting in the stream…. 
  • You can’t cross the same river twice ” – I know it
  •  I know many things, but only thing that i need is to know is how to  wear other people’s shoes…
  • Acknowledging the mistakes is a first step…. More difficult than apologizing, terrible to make yourself believe that you need to do it….
  • Listening Does not mean understanding, understanding does nor mean forgiving…
  • Even if one cannot forgive confession is a holy thing to do…. 

Jethro Tull – A New Day Yesterday

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My first and last time with you
And we had some fun.
WenT walking through the trees, yeah!
And then I kissed you once.
Oh I want to see you soon
But I wonder how.
It was a new day yesterday
But it’s an old day now.

Spent a long time looking
For a game to play.
My luck should be so bad now
To turn out this way.
Oh I had to leave today
Just when I thought I’d found you.
It was a new day yesterday
But it’s an old day now.


Ian Anderson

zombie on the strings

In love on August 26, 2012 at 12:08 pm

It is weird,
so unnaturally we love,
black is the routine of the unnamed society –
slaughterhouse of my dreams….
i see you like myself in the mirror.
we are one….
endless one…

Women breaster

In love on June 20, 2012 at 1:10 am

When you are a woman life is difficult. First of all you need to shave your legs almost every day, of course it is a waste of time but anyway, if you want to have a relationship with man you need it. Second, how many of you know why women need bra? I am sure most of them use it just to enlarge the breast or make it more acceptable for the society, at least for the part which has penis support. Yes, i know that you will say that in some occations without bra life is difficult, for


example while jogging or feeding tigers, especially little ones, still not  adopted to the human body eating, naked breast can cause significant difficulties for you, but to be honest every morning, looking in the mirror, realizing that your breast is awful looking, makes you a huge fan of bra hanging wet on the sunny balkony.  Third, watching tv and especially soap operas with muscled young man, can also be stressfull for your life, catching the situation that, somebody, even in the imaginary scenario lives with man, with better body and significantlly better income than that guy sitting next to you drinking cheap beer and arguing with football referee, can destroy your woman personality. I will continue later….


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some of them dared to be well …

Together, we raised the dog…

Mud, Stones, Black hands – We built a house


Nobody wanted to live there…


Wanton’s songs from the radio,

Coffee with stimulator,

Fragments from the old romances,

tablets, Dylan music, erotic stories – and you…

All you …


It was not love,

Not phobias,

not hope,

Neither past, nor future,

Just and only;

Dirty pieces from the happy life…

Being an Idiot is Not a Box of Chocolates

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Shit ass

   Son of a bitch



         but anyway you are a good guy Buckethead, says Mr. Marx


Carl Marx and Buckethead will lead us to the promised land:)

détente, s’il vous plait!

In love, news on November 19, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Today I meet an atomic bomb.

More advanced than that one in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

Japanese people are lucky,

but what about me?

détente, s’il vous plait