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Vegan – !

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It is a frightening trend. It is a fashion of not eating. Social networks promote skinny folks with arguably high self-esteem, low calories and well build bodies. Veganism in reality is a transformed representation of Randianism . It promotes a new life style of cherishing an empty individual. Researches have shown that having high self-esteem often means having a vacuous head and many faux expectations.

Social networks dictate trends and create bubbles where teenagers hope to get one day. These bubbles are filled with overestimations of personal possibilities, and at some point they are doomed to explode. However, we do not really see those explosions. Failed instagramer can be easily replaced by another one and a grand image of being cool remains the same.

If we go on with what we started is that, the most of the people who decide to add life event on Facebook “became a vegan” do not intend to save the animals, lead healthy life or something else. The only reason is to promote themselves, and this reason is dictated by the faux bubbles of social life.

I have no doubt that this trend of being vegan will go out of fashion soon. But unfortunately something new will come.